I like to travel around the word and visit outstanding bars. This is definitely one of mine favorites.
Pawel Babiak
One of the best places in Europe for mixed drinks. The guys really know how to make it right. The so called Masters and Celebrities of the Bar Tenders world are here mistery guests to watch the secrets…
Tamas P.
Pretty much a “must visit” if you are in Budapest. Really great experience, the cocktails were very nice and the service was awesome.
Anda P.
This little gemof a bar is the BEST in Budapest. Friendly service, minimal yet cosy design and maximum attention to mixology. The drinks are excellent and very reasonably priced. This is the only place in Budapest, where you will not find fake syrups, fake smiles and fake ingredients. The stock an astonishing 200 different drinks. A great place to enjoy. (Robert M ) Conveniently located in the city centre, this bar is cosy and unpretentious. Cocktail choices are endless, just talk to the friendly mixologist at the other side of the bar and he will mix you something you’ll love. The drinks and ingredients used are top notch, no shortcuts just the best cocktails in town.
Norbert H.
We popped into Boutiq Bar for a drink, and quickly regretted not bringing more forints out with us! The menu was really interesting, the drinks beautifully made and the service great. So, we returned a few hours later, by which time it was beginning to get very full – we were offered a table for an hour but were asked to move as the people who had booked it turned up early. I don’t think it’s fair to expect your table to be made available to you before the time you have reserved it, and I felt a bit annoyed. However, the staff were apologetic and cleared us a little space at the (packed) bar. We were a bit in the way here, but it was better than nothing. It was an awful lot of fun being at the bar. The mixers really know their staff and were all very friendly. As the night wore on and Boutiq became less crowded, we were able to move to a more comfortable spot where we were served by an excellent barman with a raft of experience who talked us through our drinks, let us try liquors and handed out shots he had concocted. This place really offered something different, and we spent far longer here than we had intended!
Lydia M.